Why Should Communication Skill Be Taught Right from Preschool

The ability to speak and express views and opinion is a very important skill that is required throughout life. A child has a lot to say, many questions to ask which is an integral part of them growing up. Children learn from interaction. Most of the times the parents are too busy with work to give the child enough time and attention. That is why it is essential that communication skills should be taught from a young age and be integrated into the preschool education . As the child comes across new names for different things the child’s vocabulary is increased and his/her ability to convey their message to adults becomes better.

Preschools cannot have a set curriculum as the child will learn on their own and a lot of repetition is required as they have short term memory. Another reason why learning communication skills in preschools is a great idea is that there are many different children in the preschool who will have different ways of communication, different cultures and different values that can be shared with each other. It is important that the child interact with everyone and thus preschool can teach a child proper social communication and behaviour.

Between the ages of one and seven the child is still experimenting with words and grammar and needs someone to be there to help them, guide them and correct them when they are wrong. When communication skills are integrated into preschool education it is very easy for the teacher to carry out these tasks. To improve vocabulary the teacher in the preschool can read out stories to the children and ask them to repeat after her. When the child becomes fluent with the story they can be asked to tell it to the class. This helps in improving the public speaking ability of the child and also reduces stage fright.

Once the children have gained enough knowledge and words to be able to express themselves asking the child about the day or about what they did over the holidays can help in improving their communication. In preschools, children start to learn about authority and the teacher becomes an authoritative figure. This teaches them to respect their teachers and the teacher will teach them to respect elders and how elders should be spoken to. The difference between good words and not so good words can also be taught to the children this will in turn affect their behaviour and personality. Hence it is important that communication skills be taught right from preschool.