Preschool Education Helps Your Child Learn Interpersonal Soft skills Early

Your kids face several challenges right from the day they are born. In order to be successful in life and to be happy, positive interaction and developing social skills are extremely necessary. In fact, these skills have a higher priority than even their academic performance. So, are you prepared to help them in developing their much-needed social skills?

Some of these soft skills include effective communication, being friendly, listening carefully, making friends and maintaining that relationship, handling uncomfortable situations, giving compliments, showing empathy, accepting, interacting and bonding and coping with unpopularity, awkwardness, bullying, and teasing.

There are some children who are found to be naturally more social as compared to others. However, socializing is indeed a skill that one needs to master while growing up. Good preschool education can help your kids pick up these useful social skills and also communicate well.

Here are some of the ways in which preschool education in Singapore and elsewhere can help your kid pick up interpersonal soft skills early in their lives.

Helps in maintaining eye-contact

Preschool teaches the little ones to look into the eyes of other children while speaking to them to build up self-confidence and to communicate effectively. The preschool teachers ensure that your toddlers practice this important art regularly. At times, teachers use toys and tell the kids to speak to them or tell a story while looking into the teachers’ eyes.

Preschool teach them different types of emotions

Teachers teach the toddlers to replicate different types of emotions like danger, terror, exhaustion, nervousness, weirdness, mischief, excitement, disillusionment, fury, and happiness. Teachers may also play a game to “identify the emotion” by either holding placards representing different smiley or by making faces. Such activities are useful for them to distinguish between different types of emotions and express themselves in a better manner. They will also not get baffled while mixing with different people or kids.

Preschool education teach them to communicate well

Your kids will learn to communicate both verbally and non-verbally and thus pick up skills like responding to social stimulus, interact and express themselves. Teachers in preschool also help your little ones to learn how to greet people and respond to the greetings. The preschool environment provides the perfect framework to guide and help the kids to interact with people in an appropriate manner so that their shyness is overcome and to express their true feelings and manage response. Your kids learn to be free while speaking, asking queries and communicating their ideas, beliefs, desires and needs. Along with their parents teachers in preschool play a vital role in using words like ‘common’, ‘thank you’, ‘let’s’ and ‘please’.