How Should Kids Be Prepared For Kindergarten?

With the beginning of a new session every year, parents of preschoolers and teachers have plenty in their minds. In recent years, several types of research have indicated the benefits of early education for your child. Al, parents want the best for their kids. Though teachers and parents of kindergartens in singapore and elsewhere may not realize it but it is an ideal time to start contemplating about kindergarten too.

Why many parents start preparing late?

In several cases, teachers and parents hardly think about preparing their children for a successful transition to kindergarten till only a couple of months are left for the kindergarten to start their sessions. The lapse is because the process of transition to a kindergarten should begin from one year before, which many parents do not know.

irrespective of your kid is in a daycare, at home or at a preschool, the successful transition to a good kindergarten school can be quite stressful for both educators and parents, So, it is crucial to possess resources and tools, which can guide and help, guide and inform the kids and their families through the entire process. Early recognition, community building initiatives and responding to the individual needs of the kids all through the pre-kindergarten year can help in a hassle free information flow about certain kids from home and early education programs to the kindergarten teachers.

What your child should know for successful transition?

Beginning early for getting prepared for kindergarten does not necessarily mean providing kindergarten skills at a preschool. Rather, it indicates ensuring that kids have preschool skills like nurturing the ability to retell a short story, ability to recognize the alphabets in their names when they get enrolled in a kindergarten. When the kids learn these simple things, there is a higher possibility for them to start the next year in a much better manner.

The preparation for kindergarten should start a year ahead with important skills like recognizing a book’s title, tracing the shapes of both numbers and alphabets, following instructions as well as rhyming matching rhyming sounds. These skills are extremely important for the future success of your child. That is because they all help in teaching your child prewriting and pre reading skills that are essentially for their future work with sounds and letters in a kindergarten.

Preparing your child for kindergarten is not only about learning the alphabets. They need to learn how to juggle letters, rhymes, numbers sounds and social skills. There are many kids for whom a kindergarten school is a maiden experience in a formal learning environment.

There are some tasks like holding a pencil properly, listening to stories in a group may seem like a child’s play for the older kids, but are some crucial skills your kid may have to pick up before the kindergarten starts.